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Please listen to THE KREWMEN while reading this!


I am writing what I feel deep inside my heart. Not something I make up in my mind. Feel the truth in it and fulfill the prophecy of THE KREWMEN: "THE KREWMEN are not a police or military force nor under control of anyone. We are free undefined beings with a free will and free believe. No-one but a real Krewman will ever understand us."


In the beginning there was hate and love divided into two worlds known as heaven and hell. In heaven there was harmony, love and inspiration - in hell pain, hate and the most stupid beings ever. We don't know why, but the stabile system collapsed, known as the "big bang". Some good became evil and some evil became good. No-one knew any more who was good and who was evil. All universes transformed into different realities. ENDLESS WAR broke out. THE KREWMEN used to be the most evil killing machines of the dark lord. When they were ordered to kill enemy soldiers that had surrendered they denied and became outlaws of both sides of the world. The only friends they had were the machines of all kinds. Machines love THE KREWMEN and soon they became the most powerful power in the galaxies. But THE KREWMEN were not interested in power and did not take part in the wars between all those that remained after the big bang.


The empires agreed after endless millions of years of war that there must be a central parliament to control the universes. This was the birth of the federal law center that was given the executive power of the interuniversal parliament. THE KREWMEN agreed to become the secret power behind the federal law center that was directly under order of the interuniversal court. The first order to THE KREWMEN was to build a reconnaissance patrol and watch the compliance with the nuclear treaty.


We detected an irreversible phase shift when radioactive rays were emitted on Purgatory, first city of hell. THE KREWMEN were ordered to examine this contamination of broken interuniversal law. It led us deep down under ground where lost souls were sitting playing a game: the pain game. The direct order was to destroy this universe. THE KREWMEN denied this highest order by the interuniversal parliament and the interuniversal court. The commanding General Reg McMillan took over responsibility and transformed into the contaminated universe himself by taking part in the pain game. The federal law center defended the decision of THE KREWMEN and riots began to follow. They had underestimated the POWER of THE KREWMEN force. War machines appeared from everywhere out of the dark and took over power of the federal law center. War broke out. But the more enemies THE KREWMEN had, the more other units united with THE KREWMEN. KREWMEN forces had to enter endless battlefields in other universes to reach universe "Earth". "-THE KREWMEN- leave this sector we are to pass this universe.". From everywhere appeared machines (starships) with KREWMEN signature. It was like a storm of machines running for the contaminated universe "Earth" to protect them from being destroyed by the regular armies of the universes. Two third of all KREWMEN died in this battle. But they knew that KREWMEN can't die like the others. We believe in another religion. A real KREWMAN is taken to the next level. Somewhere we couldn't even think of in our wildest dreams. Something we can't understand. Simply another dimension! We are looking forward to meet them real soon.


But don't misinterpret THE KREWMEN. We are not good nor evil. The first time we denied an order was because we appraise enemies with fair fighting methods. Second we denied because there were friends in the contaminated universe. Third we only do orders we agree to ourselves!

... to be continued.

One day we will all die. THE KREWMEN will be waiting. This is
just the beginning for us!



The Federal Law Center removes a license to life in case of violation to interuniversal law. When someone dies his license to life has to be approved by the federal law center and the person gets reincarnated. When the license had been removed his soul is automatically transferred to the interuniversal court for further decision about its future. There is no prison because a removed license can be burnt in case of continuous crimes against universal law. The soul is then transferred into the neutral zone of eternal isolation where there is no way back out of this black hole.


Reg knew, that he had made a tough decision by taking seat at the pain game transferring himself into the contaminated universe called “Earth”. Reg had been serving THE KREWMEN his entire life. Now he was trapped into a situation where the death dealers were making the rules of a game, Reg had to win by all means. Death Dealers deal with souls. Pain is their passion. He looked around into the pale faces and empty eyes of the other players: those, the lost souls were called. Beings that were never registered, living at a hidden place deep down under ground at Purgatory. Suddenly someone joined the game and as Reg looked into his eyes full of fire he knew it was Paul, the son of Satan. They had known each other very well since the early days before the big bang. He knew with Paul on his side, they would win the pain game. But what was Paul’s price? Paul ain’t the man for charity. He is the crowbar when it comes to serious problems. They were surfing together at Surf City and it was Reg who was protecting Paul in his early days from the priests of the holy church that Paul hated more than his meanest enemies. And the pope was recognized as a player in the pain game as well.
Paul had lost his empire after the big bang. Same did the pope. So they had agreed to create a game, a place for their empires to survive and immortalize their powers. With the use of atomic weapons inside the universe of the pain game the natural balance between hate and love was destroyed. Every tree and blade of grass functioned as antenna to spread a signal for help that added up to an irreversible phase shift emitted as fire on Purgatory. Love was leaving this place due to the pope not serving love any longer but his interests in his empire. For Paul the pope was not only his natural enemy but now also competitive to the crown of Satan himself. Reg took advantage of the uncertain situation. His son Tony took over power of THE KREWMEN. At the Federal Law Center all licenses of those involved were removed.
The main ship to protect universe “Earth” from being destroyed by the regular armies of the universes was controlled by machines only and the neutron bombs they were fired at started to take effect on them. More and more starships followed the call of the interuniversal parliament. Therefore the situation had to be solved soon.
Tony called for the “Undead”, those souls that had been banned in the black holes. Nature let another big bang to collapse the black holes. Endless amounts of trapped souls spread out of nothing and destroyed the church on planet earth. Endless pain fused with endless pain. In a ray of light the sun raised. Love returned to the unholy planet.
Reg and Paul were looking at each other’s eyes, stood up their chairs and left the pain game with the other players left behind in their own grave. No-one survived.
The raw deal between Reg and Paul was to free those isolated in the black holes and free mankind from the evil pope. God and Satan had lost their unholy battle that nature won with the help of THE KREWMEN.

Reg and Paul went to a pub for some drinks, planning to return to Surf City to meet the Surfers from Zorch like in the good old days.

THE KREWMEN had fulfilled their mission ready for the next adventure.

To be continued …

Bello Krewman

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