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Interview with Tennessee Alien - February 2020

Hi, who are Tennessee Alien and what instruments do you play?

Hi, I'm Denise, singer-songwriter
Hi, I'm Randy, double bass, backing vocals
Hi, I'm Marsha, drums, backing vocals
Hi, I'm Icée, lead guitar

What is the musical genre of the group?

We play a mix of good old fun psychobilly, country, blues,surf and rockabilly in our own typical Tennesse Alien style.

Why Tennessee Alien as a name?

We could come up with a nice story of aliens invading Tennessee and such, but basically one night Denise was sat at home having a couple of drinks. She looked up at some shelves and there were a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bottle of perfume (Alien, by Mugler) next to each other, so the words read "Tennessee"and Alien". That stuck, hence "Tennessee Alien". Wich, we think is even a better story..

Where are you from?

We all live in the Rotterdam area.

Me in my 3 time in Rotterdam, March 2015

When did you start playing as Tennessee Alien?

Tennessee Alien started off in 2014, but in current setting we are playing since 2017.

Do you have other parallel bands or do you play in other bands?

Randy is a busy boy. He plays slap bass in both the Griswalds and the Cenobites.


Everything rock and roll

Wich are your favorite bands?

A mixed bag of styles, anything good old fashioned  'billy style', also country, surf, delta ect. Everything and anything, as long as it is played on proper intruments.

Do you have something recorded?

We are in the middle of mixing our first demo/record. To be released soon!

What do your songs talk about?

Everyday life, everyday society, and whatever else springs to mind.

With what bands have you played?

We have done some gigs with Batmobile, Demented are Go, Frenzy,  Mullet Monster Maffia, the Phantom Rockers, Hillbilly Rawhide, The Lucky Devils, The Peacocks, Blue Rocking, Los Rancheros (Vlaardingen)

These gigs have taken us to several venues in Holland, Germany and Belgium.

We are preparing for the upcoming season. So, if you know a nice venue in your area... ? More than happy to come over and do a nice show... 

Are there any good bands in your environment?

Off course there are. We have Demented are Go, Batmobile, the Reapers, Los Rancheros, Malad, the Stealers...

Thank you Hektor for the interview! We hope to see you soon at one of our shows :)


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